Shopalong™ In-Store Experience

In-Store Behavior Data + Qualitative

How do consumer shop for your category and brand in-store, and what are the reasons for their behavior? With Shopalong In-Store you can follow actual shopper journeys and identify opportunities to optimize consideration and purchase for your brand.

Data captured includes:

  • Shopping occasion
  • Stores visited, time & date stamped
  • In-store touchpoints and activities
  • In-store experience
  • Visit pathways
  • Receipt-validated purchase behavior
  • Qualitative shopper feedback to capture 'why'

in store shopalong

Identify the touchpoints that drive in-store visits and purchase behavior. Uncover reasons for non-purchase behavior and and find opportunities to optimize in-store customer experience.

Looking for an omni-channel view of the consumer pathway? Shopalong Omnichannel combines our Shopalong In-Store and Shopalong Digital data to give you a complete view of the omnichannel purchase path from a single, verified and opt-in data source.

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