Translating Customer Data
Into Customer Connections

We deliver holistic customer understanding and business driving insights that can be translated into action.


Custom Research

Custom Research

Studies requiring innovative methodologies and approach. We leverage the best tools to meet your specific business objectives.

Data Visualization + BI Tools

Data Visualization Tools

Create impact and inspire action with relevant and accessible reports that grab stakeholder attention.


Advanced Analytics

From inferential statistics to advanced predictive modeling, we have the expertise to support your research with advanced analysis techniques. 


Identifying Influential Touchpoints

8 in 10 CPG shoppers are considering multiple brands or don't have a brand in mind. Google enlisted Purchased to identify influential touchpoints along the CPG shopper journey.


Tracking Non-Purchaser Experience

How can the experiences of in-store non-purchasers be captured to identify purchase barriers and mitigate lost opportunity?                                   

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Manufacturer's Website Impact

We joined 600 European consumers as they shopped for and purchased a mobile phone. The role of a manufacturer's own website might surprise you.


Understand your customers, translate insight into action.

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