AdPredix™ AI Ad Testing with Purchase Prediction

Pre-test digital ads in context with machine learning purchase conversion metrics

Most pre-test ad testing solutions use brand metrics as a proxy for sales, but these scores are often unreliable and can lead you to select the wrong ad. Introducing Purchased’s AdPredix: AI-powered Ad Testing with Omnichannel Purchase Prediction. With AdPredix, you can test your ads with accurate machine learning purchase conversion metrics so you can be sure you always pick the winning creative.

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Brand Metrics + Conversion Modeling

Trained on 1 million+ data points from search, video and display campaigns and related purchase behavior, AdPredix’s machine learning algorithm predicts shopper purchase behavior with 86% accuracy. Purchase behavior includes both online and offline conversion for full attribution. You can now test your digital ads based not only on brand metrics, but sales conversion metrics as well.

Contextual Ad Testing

Test your ads in the places they will be seen. Most ad pre-testing is done with surveys where ads appear out of the context in which they will be placed. Purchased's AdPredix tests ads where they will appear including Google, Amazon, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. Our audience consists of category shoppers, allowing you to test in a realistic environment with a representative group of your target shoppers.


Case Study: How do different video creatives drive purchase behavior?

Our client, a global CPG advertiser, wanted to compare three different video content strategies and select the ad that would maximize overall purchase rates.

They tested three ads each, each with a different focus: Expert, Product and Emotional.

If they had used a traditional ad testing solution they would have been forced to rely on brand metrics like consideration as a proxy for purchase. If they had done that, the ad featuring an Expert would have been chosen and this ad would have been the wrong choice!

By using Purchased's AdPredix with Omnichannel Purchase Prediction the client was able to pick the Product ad, the winning ad for driving sales.



Easy Set-Up and Intuitive Reports

Set-up tests in four easy steps:

  1. Create Test: Create test with Ad test template and any additional questions
  2. Identify Audience: Select participant profile and product category
  3. Select Creative: Upload creative to the AdPredix platform
  4. View Results: Log-in to the AdPredix reporting dashboard to view results

Dashboard views. These views shows brand metrics, ad purchase conversion and brand and ad attributes.

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