Shopalong™ Digital Advertising Impact Measurement

Don't let your campaign analysis lead you astray

Your campaign effectiveness analysis will be wrong 73% of the time if you rely on online conversion only. For example, compare the lifts attributed to a recent digital campaign when considering online sales only vs online and offline:

Lift Analysis from Digital Campaign

% of shoppers who purchased advertised brand

Purchased Channel Analysis Study (2022)

Shopalong Digital Advertising Impact Measurement goes beyond impressions and online sales to accurately measure the omnichannel lifts generated by paid advertising. With our solution you can:

  • Capture the omnichannel (online and offline) sales impact of digital campaigns, not just the online conversion.
  • Obtain granular findings to fill in gaps in MMM and MTA studies with specific channel strategies and audience segment insights.
  • Measure both branding and sales impact of your campaigns.
  • Quantify the incremental offline sales impact of digital advertising in addition to online conversion to have the most accurate data for optimization decisions.


We look at the omnichannel impact of multiple exposures to digital advertising using longitudinal test/control experiments, including validated purchase. 100% privacy compliant, our experiments use a control group of real shoppers without relying on lookalike audiences. We can answer specific channel strategy questions such as:

  • Why invest in paid search for branded keywords when I already have a strong organic presence?
  • What is the value of investing in generic paid search for my category?
  • What types of ads and landing pages perform best?
  • What is the impact of our search engine result page (SERP) position?
  • How do different video ad creatives differ in impact?
  • What is the implication of not running a paid search campaign?
  • Why invest in paid search when our retail partners do? (see example below)

Generic keyword performance for vs retailer website

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