Shopalong™ Digital

Online Behavior Data + Qualitative

How do consumers shop for your category and brand online, and what are the reasons for their behavior? With Shopalong Digital you can follow actual shopper digital journeys and identify opportunities to optimize consideration and purchase for your brand.

Data captured includes:

  • Full pathway on 3rd party websites & apps
  • Web page views including URLs
  • Content viewed in YouTube and video-streaming sources
  • Search keywords used
  • Products purchased on Amazon
  • Purchases from any online retailer validated by receipt/e-mail confirmation
  • Qualitative shopper feedback to capture 'why'

Discover where shoppers convert online, and why. Create lift in sales by identifying and optimizing online purchase drivers, including advertising, keywords and other touchpoints that drive consideration and purchase.

Looking for an omni-channel view of the consumer pathway? Shopalong Omnichannel combines our Shopalong In-Store and Shopalong Digital data to give you a complete view of the omnichannel purchase path from a single, verified and opt-in data source.

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Understand your customers, translate insight into action.

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