Shopalong Digital Case: Measuring Online Ad Effectiveness


Auto Brand X wanted to quantify the impact of an online video ad for shoppers of a particular automobile type to assess the ad's value and optimize its impact.


Controlling for ad exposure: Brand X team wanted to isolate the impact of online video ads for Brand X vehicles on the purchase journey.

Long purchase cycle, limited audience: The purchase cycle for high-consideration durables like automobiles can be several years, and fewer than 10% of US adults are in-market for a new vehicle of Brand X’s specific body type at a given time.


To successfully control for online ad exposure, Purchased designed a field experiment in which Brand X ads were integrated with online videos in the Shopalong platform.  Shoppers were randomly assigned to different ad/video combinations or a control group. Shoppers in all cells then answered brief questions about brand consideration, brand perceptions, and purchase intent to allow for pre/post comparisons.

To address challenges related to long purchase cycle and limited audience, Purchased recruited shoppers in the market for a specific vehicle type on a rolling basis over a 4-week period, in 3 distinct stages of the automobile purchase journey.

Data and insights were provided to the client with custom live dashboards that enabled stakeholders to drill-down into specific results and to view real-time information by shopper segments and demographics.


With the insights from these data the client was able to:

  • Isolate the impact of video ads on brand consideration, and prioritize ad content to maximize ROI.
  • Quantify the extent to which various types of video ads trigger online shopping, research, and planning sessions for different segments of consumers.
  • Understand what type of video content shoppers seek and interact with on Brand X’s website in order to maximize this influential marketing lever and ensure users find what they need on the first visit.


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