Shopalong Omnichannel Case: Optimizing Media Spend


Food & beverage manufacturer needed to develop a strategy to optimize their marketing and advertising spend for emerging e-commerce channels including click & collect and delivery


Low incidence population: Though rapidly increasing, a small percentage of grocery shopping is currently done online, and relatively few US adults currently use click & collect and delivery for category purchases.

Granularity: Shopper touchpoints and experiences would need to be captured in detail requiring in-the-moment data capture and feedback.


To successfully address challenges related to low incidence and granularity, Purchased designed a dual quantitative research approach that combined naturalistic and directed methodologies:

  1. Naturalistic: shoppers who had purchased CPG Food category via click & collect or delivery in the past 14 days, and
  2. Directed: shoppers who had done so in the past 6 months and who were directed to purchase online using click & collect/delivery within the next 7 days

To ensure granularity of results, the Purchased Shopalong mobile app was used to capture shopper behavior and feedback including:

  • Shopper attitudes towards CPG food category and online shopping
  • Online and offline touchpoints on the purchase pathway
  • Specific shopping behavior and reasons for that behavior
  • Purchase behavior (receipt-validated via the Shopalong platform)

Data and insights were provided for the consumer CPG team with custom live dashboards that enabled stakeholders to drill-down into specific results and to view real-time information by shopper segments and demographics.


With the insights from these data the CPG food category team was able to prioritize areas to focus marketing efforts for maximum ROI, including:

  • Building brand recognition at point of sale in brick & mortar stores; an omni-channel approach with signage and promotions in-store that direct shoppers to go online
  • Offering coupons that can be used online as well as in store
  • Securing placement high in the search results for the category with high quality product images
  • Rolling out loyalty rewards to keep their brands top of mind and ensure repeat purchase
  • Looking to “own” search results for specific use cases

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