Why Not Buy™

Continuously Monitor Non-Purchase Experience at the Store Level

Why Not Buy provides retailers with store-level data as to why actual visitors to your stores are not purchasing. Data captured includes:

  • Store and location
  • Date and time visited
  • Reason(s) for no purchase
  • Categorization of top reasons for no purchase
  • Shopper contact info, if agree to be contacted

Non-purchaser experience is notoriously difficult to capture at the store level. We are able to do this by interacting with thousands of shoppers each day through a variety of channels like on- and off-premise intercepts, our ongoing Shopalong community and our Why Not Buy daily tracking survey. Scale and granularity of feedback are actionable at the store level allowing you to:

  • Identify top reasons for non-purchase at each store
  • Rank store performance in your fleet
  • Contact shopper for service recovery
  • Compare to category benchmarks

Data delivery options include API data feed, online dashboard, daily and weekly emails and Excel export.

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