How It Works

We offer validated purchase and behavior data for a group of shoppers on a longitudinal basis. This powerful combination allows you to see the invisible data within the purchase funnel: initial intentions, detours and spontaneous actions all the way through a final transaction.


Shopalong home screen

Real Time

Data are captured from consumers in-the-moment, allowing for rich feedback, avoiding recall bias and allowing us to instantly serve behaviorally triggered questions and activities.


Over Time

Longitudinal tracking is used to holistically view purchases and behaviors of the same shoppers over 1 week to 1 month, from when they are planning a purchase to when they are actually in the store and making their decisions.



Shoppers are tracked in representative numbers and targeted to the needs of our clients. In addition to our own Shopalong community, we partner with a number of providers. We can also source participants from your own brand community.



Purchase data are verified with receipts images. These data are uploaded to our purchase database in near real-time. Store visits, exposure to marketing, and other shopping behavior are verified using participants’ mobile GPS data, photos, and time-stamped activities.