Local Search, Store Visits and Purchase Behavior

To better understand consumer local search behavior (searches aimed at finding things near where the consumer happens to be), Google commissioned Purchased to track the attitude and behavior of shoppers conducting local search on their smartphones. We recruited and then tracked these shoppers over 7 days using our Shopper Smartphone Diary. In total, over 3,431 smartphone searches and 2,262 store visits were captured.

Findings include:

  • Local searchers take action: 18% of local searches on the smartphone lead to a purchase within a day vs 7% of non-local searches.
  • Consumers search with their location and proximity in mind: 56% of ‘on-the-go’ searches have local intent.
  • Location-based ads lead consumers to visit stores or make purchases: 19% of shoppers made unplanned store visits and/or purchases.

To download the study, go to Google Think Insights.

Google infographic